Saturday, April 25, 2009

Michael M. Hobby – A condensed version of “About Me” - 4/1-09

1-I am a Homo sapiens sapiens with four sons (Rodney Nephi, Burnie Teancum, Jacob Moroni, and Michael Helaman) and four daughters (Chastity Marie, Faith Abish, Esperanza Alene, and Mercedes Mariana)

2-I am not perfect; I am highly evolved

3-I am a scientist with an interdisciplinary education and perspective. I am a geoarchaeologist (BA:Latin American Studies-emphasis Archaeology, BS: Geology, MS: Hydrogeology, PhD s in progress: Geoarchaeology and Environmental Science

4-I am a writer

5-I am a contractor

6-I have taught High School Journalism and Art

7-I am a certified Marine Technologist

8-I am spiritual, but adhere to no organized religion. Within this context, I believe that healthy friendships and family relationships should be governed by the following quote: "I hope, brother Lyman, that our religious opinions will never be a barrier between us as brethren. On my part, it never will while I am possessed of my natural intellect." - Oliver Cowdery, letter to his brother, Lyman, January 13, 1834)

9-I am a Scorpio

10-I am an inventor with 3 U.S. Patents; 2 in biotechnology and one in heavy metal extraction chemistry

11-I love to cook and enjoy virtually all kinds of food

12-I am a photographer

13-I am an entrepreneur

14-I am an explorer, adventurer, and discoverer

15-I am widely traveled in every state but Alaska, in all but two countries in the Western Hemisphere, Egypt, Nubia, and Spain in the Eastern Hemisphere. I hope to add West Africa to that list

16-I read and conduct research dynamically and unhesitatingly alter my belief system accordingly

17-I believe that whatever has been throughout history, or is presently labeled "heretical," “unorthodox,” "lunatic fringe," and similar pejoratives, is likely to be closer to the "truth" than what has been or is currently considered "orthodox" or "consensus." These, I consider mental and spiritual leg irons

18-I believe a man (or woman) is neither bound by, nor obligated to, what one has been taught or has taught, has espoused, asserted, believed, or advocated from birth up in the past (unless he is a fool), but rather by and to what he espouses, asserts, believes or advocates in present time

19-I am a Democrat and a humanist, because I care about others, including the disadvantaged, socially estranged or ostracized, and the less fortunate. (I strongly recommend that you watch: http// as a self-check if you claim to care about others)

20-I hate hypocrisy

21-I distrust consensus

22-I despise Theocracy, Inquisition, and Authoritarianism

23-I pity the self-righteous, the lazy, and the willingly ignorant

24-I detest the pompous, the dogmatic, the judgmental, and all others who do not understand the meaning of the word, "mote"

25-I believe the words: loyalty, fidelity, and trust have meanings

26-I am widely read (always with a dictionary at hand); a FEW of my favorite titles are, Pale Blue Dot, The Secret Life of Plants, Journeys Out of the Body, The Sirius Mystery, On Writing, The Field, The Biology of Belief, 1421, 1491, Pale Ink, Beyond the Andes, The Lost Book of Enki, The Ashes of Waco, The Expanding Earth, Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings, Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, The Island of Seven Cities, Scars of Evolution, Suddenly Psychic, Forbidden Archaeology, Early Life, Rediscovering the History of Lost America, The Elements of Style, The Elements of Grammar, Mystery Writer's Handbook, A New Earth, and Fiction titles too numerous to list; I am never without a library

27-I am an art collector and thrive upon art and music (and yes, own an iPod Nano)

28-I love aesthetics

29-I love watching ice-skating, Washington Journal, football, action, western, adventure, mystery, romance, drama, discovery, and educational programs-and movies

30-Some of my favorite series are Battlestar Galactica, Smallville, Heroes, and Lost, among others

31-I believe there are more hours in the day than generally admitted

32-I seldom miss appointments and am almost never late

33-I hate boredom, and thus have lapses into PC video games (and yes, own a QOSMIO Gaming laptop)

34-If I have questions about the most current technology, I ask my children first

35-I am a visionary and a romantic

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